1.0 Historical Background

1.1 With the growth of industrial activities in Durgapur, Government of West Bengal decided to provide an economic, adequate and efficient road transport service to the people of Durgapur industrial township complex. With the avowed objectives, the Government started a state transport service on 1st August 1963 with a fleet of 8 buses as a Departmental Undertaking under the direct control of its Home Department. Initially, transport services were operated only in the township covering a total route length of 65 kms. In 1964-65, the fleet strength increased to 25 with a total operating route length of 102 kms.

1.2 In 1965-66, long distance mofussil services were first introduced covering total route length of 428 kms. and the fleet strength increased to 62 buses. On 15th Aug.1967, the Departmental Undertaking was converted into "Durgapur State Transport Board (DSTB)". The Commissioner of Burdwan was made Ex.-officio Chairman of the Board.

1.3 In 1968-69, DSTB extended its activities through augmentation of fleet strength of 100 buses operating in 11 long distance routes and 8 township routes covering a total route length of 1200 kms and 176 kms respectively.

1.4 In 72-73, Durgapur-Siliguri bus service (550 kms,. one way) was introduced with 3 new town services and the total route length of long distance and town services went upto 1650 kms and 143 kms respectively.

1.5 In 1973, DSTB was ultimately converted into public sector undertaking under the name and style of " Durgapur State Transport Corporation" with effect from 7th December, 1973 vide Government of W.B. notification dated 4.12.73. At that time, the fleet strength of the Corporation was 120 with 874 employees on its roll. Subsequently, many new routes viz. Durgapur-Santaldihi, Durgapur-Tarakeswar, Durgapur-Puri, Durgapur-Gangajalghati, Durgapur-Jiaganj, Durgapur – Sonamukhi, Durgapur-Pandabeswar, Durgapur- Burdwan were also introduced.

2.0 SBSTC Today

2.1 The South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) is the new name given to Durgapur State Transport Corporation w.e.f. 1988 with a view to extending its road transport facilities in the several districts of South Bengal viz. Burdwan,Birbhum, Bankura, Purulia, East and West Midnapore Hooghly Jhargram, North and South 24 Parganas. The then sapling of early 60’s have now grown into a fully grown tree bearing fruits to serve the mankind at large. Presently SBSTC is operating 837 fleets through 15 depots located in these districts. Besides depot operation, SBSTC is functioning a premier operator for Kolkata and Karunamoyee routes from Durgapur, Asansol, Bankura, Purulia, Burdwan, Arambag, Jahargram etc from the important terminals loacted at Durgapur, Esplanade, Karunamoyee. Relentless effeorts are put in by the operation of 637 nos. of fleets daily from the said establishments.

2.2 The management of SBSTC is vested with Board of Directors constituted by the Government of W.B. including representatives from Transport and Finance Departments, Government of West Bengal, I.G.P.(W), Durgapur, Additional District Magistrates, public representatives and the Managing Director of the Corporation. The constitution of the SBSTC Board is as follows.

Board of Directors:

Sri Tamonash Ghosh,
MLA, Chairman, SBSTC

Sri Asit Majumdar,
MLA, Vice-Chairman, SBSTC

Dr. Godala Kiran Kumar IAS,
Managing Director, SBSTC

Sri N.S. Nigam, IAS,
Secretary, Transport Department,
Govt. of West Bengal, & MD WBTC

Sri B.M.Naiya, WBA & AS
Financial Advisor, Transport Department. Govt. of West Bengal

I.G.P.(West Zone),

Sri Ananda Prakash,
Director (R.T.) MORTH, Govt. of India

City Centre, Durgapur

ADM, Burdwan

ADM, Bankura

ADM, Purulia

ADM, Asansol

Sri Krishna Chandra Santra, MLA,
Village & P.O Bulandi,Dist. Hooghly, PinCode : 712413

Sri Rajib Lochan Saren, MLA,
Vill: Basantapur, P.S.: Boro, Block-Manbazar-II, Dist Purulia

Smt Jyotsna Mandi, MLA,
Vill: Lachhmangara, PO:Bankura, PS:Hirbandh, Dist:Bankura, Pin:722140

Sk Sufian,
PO & PS Nandigram, Purba Medinipur.


3.0 Organizational Set up

3.1 The Corporation follows a 3-tier system of management viz. Depot, Division and Corporate. The entire operational network of the Corporation is carried out from its two Divisional headquarters – one at Durgapur and other at Belghoria. At Corporate level, the Deputy Managing Director, Chief Accounts Officers and HODs of other discipline assist the Managing Director. At Divisional level, the office is headed by Divisional Managers of the respective Division who is assisted by Works Manager/Works In-charge on technical site, Traffic Manager for traffic and operation, Administrative & Personnel Officer and other officers for general administration, Dy. Chief Accounts Officer for accounts matter. The Divisional Managers are directly reporting to the Managing Director. At the depot level, the Depot Manager /Depot In-charge is assisted by senior foremen, foreman or assistant foreman (depending upon the size of the Depot) for repair and maintenance work, Assistant Manager - Administration and Account, for general administration, accounts and disciplinary matters, Assistant Traffic Manager/Traffic Superintendent in the matter of traffic and operation. The Depot Manager/Depot In-charge directly reports to Divisional Manager.

List of Officer's of SBSTC:

Durgapur Divisional Office :
Dr. B.C.Roy Avenue, Durgapur-713201

Sri Mainak Roy Chowdhury,
Chief Account Officer
Contact No. : 9434328868

Sri Diptiman Sinha,
Divisional Manager
Contact No. : 7699993902

Sri Subhendu Mukherjee,
Traffic Manager
Contact No. : 7699993910

Sri Debrata Mukherjee,
Sr. Administrative Officer
Contact No. : 7477781262

Sri Subhas Chatterjee,
Depot Manager & Works in Charge
Contact No. : 7699993901

Md. Sajjad Hossain,
A.P.O (A/C)
Contact No. : 7699993606

Sri Swagato Sanyal,
A.P.O (Admin)
Contact No. : 7477781261

Sri Anirban Sinha,
Asst. Manager (EDP) & In-Charge (EDP)
Contact No. : 7699993904

Sri Subir Dutta,
Sr. Eng. (Civil)
Contact No. : 9433942048

Sri Himadri Dey,
Secy. to Chairman
Contact No. : 7699993950

Sri Debasish Tewari,
Chief Engineer (Civil)
Contact No. : 9434002697

Belghoria Divisional Office :
5/5, B.T. Road, Kolkata-700 056

Sri Sajal Roy,
Traffic Manager & Divisional Manager, Belghoria Division
Contact No. : 7699993903

Sri Amit Mukherjee,
A.P.O (A/C)
Contact No. : 7699993907

Smt. Sudha Dubey
A.P.O (Admin)
Contact No. : 7699993957

Smt. Susmita Das (Biswas),
A.P.O (Admin)
Contact No. : 7477781264

Sri Rathindra Kumar Bir,
Asst. Manager (EDP) & In-Charge (EDP)
Contact No. : 7477781270

Sri Ujjal Ganguly,
Dy. Traffic Manager
Contact No. : 7699993912

Sri Bedati Ghosh,
A.P.O (Admin)
Contact No. : 7477781263

SBSTC Depot Durgapur Division

Sri Ashis Kumar Banerjee,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Purulia Depot (Wilcox Road, Belguma, Purulia, Pin - 723101 )
Contact No. : 76999 93931

Sri Parbati Charan Ghosh,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Burdwan Depot (Alamganj, P.O-Nutanganj, Burdwan(Pur), Pin - 713102
Contact No. : 7699993920

Sri Tapas Mukherjee
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Suri Depot
Contact No. : 7477781265

Sri Bivash Charndra Sarkar,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Asansol Depot
Contact No. : 7699993918

Sri Soumen Pal,
Depot Manager, SBSTC Durgapur Depot
Contact No. : 7699993914

Sri Sachidananda Hazra,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Kalna Depot
Contact No. : 7699993923

Sri Debanshu Chakraborty,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Arambagh Depot
Contact No. : 7699993925

Sri Swapan Rakshit,
Depot Manager, SBSTC Bankura Depot
Contact No. : 7699993927


SBSTC Depot Belghoria Division

Sri Ranjit Roy Chowdhury,
Deputy Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Belghoria Depot
Contact No. : 7699993934

Sri Prasanta Pine,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Falta Depot
Contact No. : 7477723570

Sri Sital Chakrobarty
SBSTC Jhargram Depot

Contact No. : 7477789422

Sri Animesh Dutta,
Asstt. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Midnapur Depot
Contact No. : 7699993943

Sri Partha Sarathi Sarkar,
Dy. Traffic Manager & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC Howrah Depot
Contact No. : 7699993937

Sri Debanshu Giri
SBSTC Digha Depot

Contact No. : 7699993941

Sri Tapas Manna,
Traffic Supdt. & Depot-in-Charge, SBSTC SBSTC Haldia Depot
Contact No. : 7699993946


4.0 Traffic Operational Activities

4.1 Traffic operational activities of the Corporation which was initially confined to Durgapur and its nearby area, has been gradually extended to cover the districts of Burdwan,Birbhum, Bankura, Purulia, East and West Midnapore Hooghly Jhargram, North and South 24 Parganas. Presently, SBSTC operates road transport services from its two Divisional Offices - one at Durgapur & other at Belghoria. It’s run throughout the length and breath of the entire State of West Bengal and covers almost all historical places and tourist points like Digha, Garbeta forest, Bishnupur, Mukutmonipur, Susunia Hill, Kangsabati project, Ajodhya hill, Santiniketan, Mushidabad Hazarduari (Nawab Palace), Tarapit temple, Massenger dam, Farakka barage, Gour, Tarakeswar etc. etc. Almost all important tourist centres in South Bengal area are covered with the services of S.B.S.T.C.

4.2 This Corporation has operations in the inter-State routes presently with Jharkhand State also. We have planned to contact some more areas in those States in the near future.

5.0 Growth of Fleet Strength

5.1 The Corporation has shown fast growth of fleet strength during nineties compared to last two decades. The growth rate was maximum in 92-97 (67%). Thus the growth of fleet strength had given a wider scope to connect remote and inaccessible areas to cities and other growth centres and covered operational areas in the district of North 24 Paraganas, Kolkata, Howrah and other districts in West Bengal.

5.2 The increase of fleet strength is depicted below:

Year Avg.
No. of Vehicles
Till 1977
1977-78 to 1981-82
1982-83 to 1986-87
1987-88 to 1991-92
1992-93 to 1996-97
1997-98 to 2001-02
2002-03 to 2007-08
2008-09 to 2012-13
2013-14 to 2015-16

6.0 Growth of Depots

6.1 Till 1977-78,SBSTC operated its bus services from Durgapur City Depot only. Subsequently,it commissioned as many as 14 depots till date.The following facts are self- explanatory.

No. of Depots