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Sri Subhas Mondal

Chairman, SBSTC

SBSTC started travelling as Durgapur State Transport Board in the year of 1963 with her funded debt to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the then Chief Minister and founder of this Corporation. It was initially confined to Durgapur city, the Corporation has been proliferated far-flung into several districts. The Corporation is now having twenty numbers of depots each of which directly controls the operation of buses. After the Rationalization of routes , the SBSTC has become the Primary Public Operator of several districts like Bardhaman, Birbhum,Bankura,Purulia ,Purba Midnapur,Paschim Midnapur and a major portion of 24 Parganas (south) and to verse the connectivities from those District Head Quarters to Kolkata.

With the inspiring guidance of Smt.Mamata Bandhyapadhyay,Hon’ble Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal ,SBSTC has shown a remarkable growth in last five years.The support that had been obtained from the Transport Department was transcribed in a positive attitude in to progress. SBSTC in trying to provide an adequate, economical,fast safe and property co-ordinated transportation to the commuters. My deep gratitude to all. Thank you for being with us.


Managing Director, SBSTC

My sincere regards to everyone. The South Bengal State Transport Corporation, can certainly claim to be one of the premier State Transport Undertaking . This we can claim in terms of the performance, management and work ethics. The Corporation has achieved many things , especially during recent time. The ‘Earning per km’(EPKM) can be considered as a primary indicator to one STU’s health. We have improved it nearly Rs. 30/-, at present. The revenue earnings in absolute terms have also increased , we could introduce the Online reservation system in all major routes of our services. In almost 90% of our buses, the conductors issue tickets though Electronic Ticketing Machines. These measures have been much effective in reducing revenue leakages.

A system of Reward/Punishment to the crew have been introduced to make them more accountable and responsible.

The Corporation could achieve all this with active support of SBSTC Board and obviously with the sincere participation of all the officials including the crew members. The State Government through the Transport Department has been generous to us by pumping a substantial fund for necessary infrastructural support like purchase of new buses, renovation of the depots etc.

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